Today has been a hopeful day for me and my family… 

After God know how many phone calls, screaming, pleaing and crying I have finally got a review for my medication … with no other than a pharmacist at my doctors … the doctors, mental health team, phyciatrist, crisis team failed me … each one passed the book.. they either did care/or take responsibility for my pleas for help, I was told to wait another 7 weeks!! After telling them I couldn’t cope… the medication needed reviewing… I’d self harmed … no one listened … again that feeling of hopelessness creeped in 

Then out of the blue today the pharmacist called me .. he told me he was reviewing my medication and has spoke to 4 different doctors .. after the doctor refered me to the crisis team … he was polite and so understanding .. he was also very apologetic that I wasn’t listen to, and that it had taken so long to get this sorted … he was shocked that they had me on such a low dose of my bipolar medication … he has increased it from 150mg at night to 200mg at night and 200mg in the morning!! I sat here and I cried down the phone thanking this man for helping me.. he in return he apologised again that I had been waiting for so long and that wires had been crossed on there end … it’s truly amazing isn’t it … sometimes it takes a stranger to bring back hope … 

Now with in increased dose I can hope that I might reach that stable stage … I mean wow … the possibility of being stable for the first time in my life is a really promising thought … 

Now to wait and see .. Let’s hope this helps 


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