There nothing worse than having a bad day or knowing one is coming. I have many triggers like others. 

No sleep will trigger a relapse which is quite often as I suffer with insomnia or someone having a go at me, even if it’s nothing serious I take it to heart and it makes me feel so worthless I could cry. 
My friends and family know my triggers but seem to forget often, I often tell everyone I don’t need them no more but in fact there support is vital in my recovery. 


I fear that when I do relapse it’ll be bad enough for me to blank out (which has happened)

I forget what I’ve done no matter how extreme or serious something is that I’ve done, it’s just a total black out. It scares me because I know I’m capable of hurting my self quite easily and once I start I do find it hard to stop. 
I think society, especially family and friends say ‘they understand’ but no one actually does, I don’t understand someone else’s mental health because we’re all different. 

Mental health is very much like child birth I believe, it’s so hard to explain it, no matter how hard you try you can’t get it across to anyone. 


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