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Fourth Trimester

This is when sh*t gets REALLY real.

After little one has been growing in your womb for three trimesters you’ve now come to the FOURTH!

What is the fourth trimester you may ask?

Well it’s the birth of not only your baby but YOU!

Do you know how hard this is?

To be born into Motherhood.. I remember having a C-Section and having my daughter handed to me in the recovery ward and I felt numb, I didn’t cry at the sight of my new born.

Does that mean there was something wrong with me? No – it means that every mother experiences their own emotion at the time of birth. Come on, we have been pregnant forever, given birth and now expected to instantly attach to our baby.

I remember feeling so lonely and isolated as a new Mum and could have done with a lot more support and advice in the Fourth Trimester.

It’s OK to ask for help, it’s OK to ask for support, It’s OK to ask for advice and it’s so, so, so important to talk about it all whether it be your partner, your friend, your health visitor, your midwife.

I believe if there was more support in the fourth trimester (which is from birth to 3months post-partum) this could reduce the risk of psychological deterioration in new Mums.



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