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Bloom where you are planted.

As Mothers we are so much more resilient than we give ourselves credit for.. We didn’t ask to have mental illness. We didn’t ask to have our happiness snatched from us at the most important times of our lives – when we become Mothers.

We didn’t ask to be crying whilst we are breast/formula feeding exhausted and staring into the soul of our little ones and thinking we don’t want to be here anymore.

We didn’t ask to sob, wondering what kind of life our child(ren) will live when we are gone when we are taunted with thoughts of suicide.

We didn’t ask to disengage and distance ourselves from partners/friends and family and sometimes them not understanding our illness that can’t be seen.

We didn’t ask to not be understood by those who matter the most to us.

We didn’t ask to not be heard by midwives and Doctors when we’ve told them that we don’t feel “right”. But from all of this it just shows how much strength we have in really uncomfortable situations that we find ourselves in and we are still here today growing and blooming where we have been planted in horrible circumstances.

I remember wondering “why me?” On so many occasions and it wasn’t until I started accepting that this was part of my journey that I actually could move on and heal. It’s kind of like when I resented myself I was sending out negative low vibrational energy into the universe so how could I expect to see the good in life to recover? Life throws us so much crap, so much – at times I have to laugh.

When you remember it’s a journey and these things are lessons to know our deeper self that’s when we truly can accept ourselves and begin the recovery process.

So when I say “Bloom where you are planted”. We all can, we’ve been doing it thus far!


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