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How important is self-care when living with a mental health condition as a Mother?

You might say, not so much as when will I get the chance to implement self-care?!

Self-care to me though is about putting yourself first. It’s not just about bath bombs and chocolate, even though they aren’t bad idea! I’m talking about saying “NO” to something you may feel obligated to do when you feel overstretched – that’s self care too as it’s putting your needs first and foremost. It’s about protecting your energy and knowing your capabilities and limits. It’s about

taking the time to get to know yourself and become in tune with your emotions and what you can do to pamper your inner you.

I remember being told “A Mother Lion eats before her cubs” and that hit home as the Mother Lion has to refuel herself and make sure she is energised enough to look after her cubs, whereas most of us as Mums, when do we put ourselves first?

I know it’s also extremely hard too when we suffer with Mental Health needs to even get a shower or cook a meal some days but, we have to remember that if we can do bit by bit, step by step it will become routine and we will start reaping the benefits of self-care for our Mental Health.

How do you self-care?

Do you find it difficult to self-care as a Mum?



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